About the application


The Browser is a tool, which will make your planning stage more efficient. It will enable you to find a diving site easily.

Thanks to the browser you will locate a diving base and check what equipment it offers at its disposal.

You will easily find instructors, courses that they conduct and expeditions that they lead.

Bases Browser

Thanks to the advanced places and bases search, you can - in an easy and comfortable way - find a place, which meets your expectations.

You will find not only detailed descriptions, but also see photos and watch video materials.

Just pick the base, which is located at the chosen place and find out what kind of equipment it provides.


Register your activities on your mobile. Thanks to this, you will follow and cataloque your diving history.

A GPS Module will enabe you to save coordinates, while a navigation module will lead you back to the diving position.

If you want to share your accomplishments with your acquaintances you can do it with the use of one button through an account integrated with the Facebook social network.


control and manage your expedition. Thanks to this function you can be sure that all necessary items are there at hand.

You can also send a list of necessary equipment to other participants of the expedition.


Take care of underwater timetable. With the use of a smartphone you can now save a diving record easily and precisely.

You also get access to your RunTimes archive.

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