Equipment configurator lets you in simple way choose of all pieces of divers equipment in three different configurations. Configurator and online store synchronization simplyfi to you purchases selected products. This solution allows for optimal tailored your needs and qualifications for equipment requirements.

Technical diver More

Technical diving (decompression) is logistically difficult, beyond recreational limits the depth (40 m) and the time spent underwater. You have to accurately plan the dive (tz. RunTime) with changes in breathing mixtures under the surface.

Equipment configuration in technical diving can be divided into two types:

1. Open water (hogarthian configuration)

2. Overhead, closed spaces (in hogarthian configuration, twinset or sidemount) also used in wreck diving with additional features, such as:

- helmet,

- additional light source (min. 3 in total),

- navigation system,

- additional spools (safety, jumps),

- luck of float,

- main spinning wheel.

Hood Mask main regulator Backap regulator Backup torch Diving knife computer, compass Wet gloves wet notes Marker + spool Fins Dry suit dive computer 1 Dry gloves Main torch Cutting tools Backup mask Boots Warmers
Cylinders / Twin set wing harness ballast
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