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Leigh Cunningham’s min bio

“To call him a character would be an understatement,
beneath the eccentric exterior lurked a diver with levels of
discipline and skill I have rarely seen on my travels.
Leigh Cunningham is a tekkie fanatical to the point of
fundamentalism. He likes to break depth records, race
motorbikes through the Sinai Mountains and generally live
life on the edge”.
(www.Divernet.com: Chris Boardman)
Leigh was born in Britain, 31st August 1968, he started his
diving career in Israel in 1993 with CMAS 1 + 2 star and
PADI dive master course, after 2 years working in Israel, he
spent a year in Central America exploring deep dive sites in
the Caribbean, then moved to Egypt, Dahab, where he soon
became a recreational instructor.
His proximity to the “Blue Hole” in Dahab, where he worked,
sparked his interest in diving deeper. He was aware of the
“Blue Hole’s” reputation for claiming divers lives, and as
such, embarked on training and education to give the site
the respect it deserves.
Leigh says, “It’s a bit like the steeplejack – he will only fall
off once, when you do this every day, you have to be
prepared, every day.”
With 6 dives below 200 metres, 50 dives between 150-200
metres and more than 500 dives below 100 metres to his
credit, Leigh is no stranger to deep diving.
To date Leigh has been diving for 22 years and logged over
6000 dives, held two Red Sea’s depth records with dives to
220m and 240m in 2002. (Link: http://www.nunogomes.co.za/rec.htm)
list of records.
These two records were the part of the “In Deep” project
initiated by Leigh Cunningham, which required a rigorous
training plan including both mental and physical preparation.
In 2005 Leigh Cunningham with carried out the world's
deepest wreck dive, after descending 205m to the wreck of
the Jolanda, off Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt.

Aside from breaking records, Leigh has a long list of diving
achievements and expeditions under his belt, including:
2007--‐08: Jackfish Alley, Cave survey/exploration
project, Red Sea, Egypt.

2009: HMS Manchester, Wreck expedition, Mediterranean, Tunisia.

HMS Victoria, wreck expedition, Mediterranean, Lebanon.

2010: HMS Hermes, Wreck expedition, Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka.

2011: WW2 Wreck expedition, Mediterranean, Sardinia.

2011-12: SS Saratoga, wreck expedition, Pacific Ocean, Marshall
Islands, Micronesia.

Cave exploration expeditions, in-land Cenotes, Mexico.

2014: Cave survey/exploration project: (Hidden Sanctum) in-land
caves, Thailand.

It has been 20 years since he began his journey through
technical diving education, required to facilitate this kind of
diving. To date, Leigh has professional diving qualifications
as a TDI Instructor trainer, SDI Instructor trainer, PSA