• Italian

Bruno has being diving since 1989, he became recreational instructor in 1997 and technical diving instructor in 2000, he is predominately teaching and diving in the Portofino area, Genoa, Italy.

Since 2002 he is currently the owner and manager of Portofino Divers, a dive center specializing in offer premier quality dive trips to the Portofino National Marine Reserve and to many different wrecks off the Ligurian coast. As a GUE Instructor Development Center, Portofino Divers actively promotes only GUE training programs; almost every day they organize recreational and technical dive trips dedicated to GUE trained divers.

As an active supporter of safer and more efficient diving practices to increase fun in underwater activities, since when he discovered GUE philosophy Bruno is constantly involved in promoting it to the local dive community.

When he is not teaching or guiding, Bruno is constantly involved in scientific and conservation projects of the Mediterranean mesophotic zone.