It is the cypriot wreck of freighter built in 1956 in Germany. The ship was sank in December 1981, during cruise from Aqaba, and crashing on the Jackson Reef. Probably the boat floated too fast, because the whole ship affected the reef and settled on the reef. There are also suspicions that this collision was planned to extort compensation, because the amount of fuel was not enough to cruise farther than Jackson Reef. Over the years the wreck lay on the reef and protruded from the water surface. Further storms devastated sections of the wreck and eventually the ship fell into the reef. Now, of the wreck has remained only a skeleton, whose remains form on the rubble slope covered with coral reef. At a depth of about 50 meters, you can find a pole covered with soft corals. During the dive you can observe the different elements of the remains of the ship, you can swim through in a number of cracks which are overgrown with corals and surrounded by a rich marine life.