P31 is the eastgerman wreck, which sunk 24 August 2009 at the island Camino. In the best time P31 was engaged in a number of patrol and rescue missions. After more than ten years of service, exploitation became uneconomic, so it was withdrawn. It deliberate sinking took the Malta Tourism Authority, which secured technical and financial keeping of the project and the transfer of P31 to the point of submergence. In connection with the laws of the European Union from the ship were removed all traces of oil and grease and other toxic materials which could endanger the environment. P31 is marked with a special buoy, making it easy to find this divers and other ships gives the signal to bypass this place. The wreck is 52 meters long and 7 meters wide. It lies on the sandy bottom, so the place is accessible to divers of all levels. Visibility in this place is excellent and exceed even 50 meters. Doors in the wreckage has been removed and most of the scuttles has been extended for easier access and augment safety during penetration. Today, on the wreck the shelter have many species of fish, and on the new artificial reef there are more and more sea creatures.

Pictures: Audrey Cudel http://www.audreycutlerphotography.com/