It is the largest wreck in the Mediterranean Sea. The tanker Amoco Milford Haven was 334 meters long, 51 wide, is was dipping 20 meters and can load capacity 230,000 tons. Sank on 14 April 1991, between Arenzano and Varazze on the Ligurian coast. She was anchored in the roads Genoa port, 7 miles from the coast with a cargo of one million barrels of oil, which weighed 144,000 tons on board. During a routine oil pouring from the side to the center tanks explosion occurred, which was the result of damage to the pump. The ship was on fire and the fire quickly was accompanied by more explosions, and to the sea spill 40 000 tons of oil. Haven has lost its 45 meter bow, which went down to the bottom. For three days it was tryin to avoid the biological catastrophy in this area using special barriers. The ship was transported at a distance of 1.5 mile from the shore by the tugs. The ship sank on 14 April in the early hours.

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