The Lina or Lena is one of the well-known wrecks of the Croatian Adriatic and probably the most praised in the Bay Kvarner area. Wreck is easily accessible to divers because of the sinking near the coast, and also because of its beak is only 25 meters deep. Lena like most of steamers, which was built in the late nineteenth century, was built in Scotland. Local shipyards produced nearly one-third of the world fleet at that time. Lina was built in 1879 in the shipyard under the name Andrew Leslie Nuevo Estradamura. Lena was 70 meters long and 9 meters wide. The hull is made of steel, and the wooden deck. Lina sank in 1912 during transport wood that can still be seen in the wreck. Because of thick fog the ship hit the shore of the island of Cres near Cape Pecenj. The beak is at a depth of 25 meters, stern is at a depth 57 meters. Location wreck is marked the buoy, which is the starting point of the dive. Along the line you go down. Then go down, to the stern. There is nothing left of the wooden deck, which unhides the engine room, where you can see the remains of lading. At a depth of 30 meters you can see the mast. The wreck is available in virtually all weather conditions.

Chorwacja - wrak Lina from Divers Guide on Vimeo.