Carnatic was a British steamer with a length of 89 meters and a width of 9 meters. On the ship there were 176 crew members and 34 passengers. She was carrying lots of wine, cotton, copper and 40 000 British pounds in gold. The ship crashed into the reef of Abu Nuhass on 14 September 1869, right after midnight. The captain refused draining the lifeboats, which was requested by several passengers. He claimed that it is more risky than waiting for the delayed steamer which was sailing to rescue and evacuate the ship. Shortly before noon it was decided to leave the Carnatic. Just then the hull bursted causing a big bang. 5 passengers and 26 crew members drown. The insurance company “Lloyd” commissioned immediately started mining. It ended with partial success because they regained 32 000 pounds of gold and it’s still unknown what happened to the rest of the gold. It is possible to penetrate the wreck partially because of its condition.